About us

The Outdoor Fireplace Guys iscommitted and on the way to becoming the largest supplier and installer of outdoor fireplaces. We sell and ensure we offer installation, maintenance and repair services. We also do warranty repairs which are very minimal since the installation process is always done perfect such that chances of damage are down to zero.


We at The Outdoor Fireplace Guys are committed to the beauty and uniqueness of all outdoor fireplaces. We are committed to environmental cleanliness and always ensure our outdoor fireplaces have beneficial effects on the customers and the users. We provide advice and guidelines on the best installation techniques and also get the customers acquainted with all the designs and types of outdoor fireplace designs available.

Our Goals

We at The Outdoor Fireplace Guys have set out goals to lead us to becoming the best company in outdoor fireplace installation and supply.

We always ensure we engage and strengthen community connections by: building, enhancing, and engaging community partners, expanding and developing our site to support our mission and improve guest services, using new technology solutions to come up with the best outdoor fireplace designs.

We have also dedicated our energies to building professional practice and sustainability of our unique designs by increasing funding and revenue, ingraining and establishing museum best practice, preservation, conservation, and sustainability.

We have also set one of our goals to build on our expertise in the areas of Education and Interpretation by: building and sustaining educational partnerships, enhancing volunteer experience and skills development, building and broadening programming to deliver our mission

We have also come up with a marketing and development plan to enable and guide us in reaching our targets.to get more customers we create awareness and increase practical seminars for the best installation of outdoor fireplaces.

Our Mission and values

We at The Outdoor Fireplace Guys always ensure we have the best staff to deal with our customers, our customers have improved skills in accuracy of interpretation of all customer needs and the products we offer, they are taught on how to welcome our customer and to be respectful at the workplace.

Our mission at The Outdoor Fireplace Guys is to provide our customers with the best outdoor fireplace systems which deliver the best services to the clients. We also work to ensuring that we maintain and building long lasting relationships with our customers which helps in customer retention and referrals.

Our Values

We always treat our customers with courtesy and respects and ensure that there is a good relationship between us our employees, and our suppliers. Deliver fast response, quality service, and innovative solutions by a staff that is trained and fully knowledgeable in our field. Always ensure we fulfill our commitments. Treat everyone with courtesy, respect, and dignity and be good stewards of our clients' money and our company's resources

Operate The Outdoor Fireplace Guys in a responsible and profitable manner to ensure the continued growth and financial future of the company and create a teamwork atmosphere that is positive and fun and that encourages all employees to stretch to their full potential.

Customers can always reach us on 888-459-7795 for more on outdoor fireplace services.

Key features

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  • img Proven security
  • img Suitable for any budget
  • img Wide range of materials and designes
  • img 5 year warranty